THE ORACLE HARMONY CENTRE - New Age Products and Natural Therapies.
                        Ready to Grow? Come Discover Yourself.
If you are dealing with every day problems and need to find strength and energy, we know you can find it with us.
At THE ORACLE HARMONY CENTRE, we advise you to look deep inside yourself to find your inner energy and we'll guide you through a healing process
Oracle Therapist William Baker:
REIKI Energetic restoration techniques for your Total Body Harmony.

SPIRITUAL HEALING- The location and repair of points of energy loss and the removal of etheric intrusions that may interfere with your integrity and health of your human energy field.
CHAKRA BALANCING- Will has an acute knowledge of your human energy field via auras and chakras, which are keys to understanding why your energy is drained or flowing, and how to balance and reset them.
SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING AND LIFE CHOICES- William will educate and self empower you towards a more awakened state and to show humanity the subtle spiritual realms within and all around you.
It is also to remind you to remain aware of the subtle, intangible realm that exists within ourselves and all around us.
HOUSE CLEARINGS - Will also offers you personalised workshops, healings, readings, house clearings and investigations into paranormal activity and missing persons. He is also currently researching the rise of the new world order, the truth about religions and what we can do to prepare ourselves for the times ahead and Ascension
Oracle Therapist Kel Corbyn:
REIKI Energetic restoration techniques for your Total Body Harmony.

RELAXATION MASSAGE - Touch, as the essence of massage, is used to promote your relaxation, reduce your stress & tension, aid in your healing, and enhance your feelings of general wellbeing. 
SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE -  Kel will guide you spiritually with the assistance of her angels and guides. She will help you realise your full potential and give you confirmation that you are on the right path.
INTUITIVE HEALING - Guides and Angels are accessed as higher source energy to connect with your body and assist in gentle energetic realignment and balance.
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