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Vibrational Healing 
                                                                                                       Humped Conch ~ 
                                                                                                  (Shell Essence)
To speak our truth and from the heart through all levels of communication, verbal, non-verbal, human and spiritual
Humped Conch helps us express ourselves appropriately; to communicate our feelings rather than remain silent and store those emotional messages in our bodies.
In our current state of high expectation for competent verbal communication in our lives, workplaces and relationships, some people are often left feeling inadequate. Communication plays a vital role in social contact and despite feeling desperate to have a say, they do not express themselves due to a lack in confidence in their ability to convey their message effectively.
Whereas others use smooth and efficient communication skills to create emotional distance and avoid showing their 'true' feelings. These people intellectualise rather than communicate.
Either way is connected to a fear that their words might not be accepted.
Silence is a Grace as well as a weapon ...  who has not experienced being truly heard? .... who has not experienced the cold hostile shoulder of another?
Remember that the cells of our bodies retain the unspoken words of grief, anger, resentment, jealousy and fear that we don't or can't express. Humped Conch helps us to find the appropriate words that would once have been trapped in a frustrated silence.
              'I hear, I heal, I listen, I feel ' 
Humped Conch's ' harmonic healing words
                                                                                                                                                                         ~                                                ~Black Nerite ~ 
                                                                       (Shell Essence)
Black Nerite brings spiritual healing and karmic enlightenment when we are in the space Carolyn Myss calls the 'black night of the soul' - the time of the darkness that we must visit to find our treasures,  love of self and the accepting of our unique gift to the world and cosmos.
Karma is an ancient belief system that can be carried in our unconscious memory of times long past, where sins of our ancestors still have the power to visit upon us and truly no longer serve us. Religious dogmas that do not carry the enlightened message of forgiveness have our selves bound to the ' as ye sow so shall ye reap' - crime and punishment as a paradigm.
Black Nerite offers a message that we can move our ' karma ' or ancient harma .... away if we love ourselves and let go of fear. It assists us to move beyond self-punishment and pain.
Lifting our vibration beyond the level of ego and to look at the suffering we place on ourselves. Look at the issue and in a moment of awareness 'get it' - the aha moment and then let the healing begin.
                              A ripple effect of healing other issues can come from just one moment of love, awareness and forgiveness.
                                                                          Black Nerite's Mantra  
                                                  " I allow Karma to move away from my ancestral body"
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