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While you are on your journey to personal and spiritual growth, you will find help, comfort, friendship and support from us.
We can't wait to see you and help you on your path.
Come join us at The Oracle Harmony Centre any day from Monday - Saturday.

Jacqui Krystal
Jacqui Krystal is primarly known for her work as a Psychic Medium, sensitively assisting people in their life journey, with ability to link with those who have passed over. She offers you spiritual insight, guidance and healing.

As a facilitator, her courses are designed to assist those interested in developing their inherent, individual psychic abilities at both basic and intermediate levels.
 Her workshops also promote health and self empowerment is an professional psychic/medium who has worked internationally.
                                 15 MINS - $25
                                                  30 MINS - $50
                                 45 MINS - $75
                                 60 MINS - $100
                       William Baker
William is a spiritual healer, geomancer and psychic medium who works closely with nature spirits, Earth energies, spirit guides, ancestors, arch angel Michael, thought manifestations, attachment removal and other paranormal investigations.
He has traveled to England and Scotland to study Earth energies, crop circle formations, standing stones, ley lines, inner-dimensional portals, underground water, healing vortexes, Earth chakras and their effects on the human energy field.
Will has an acute knowledge on the human energy field via auras and chakras; which are keys to understanding why our energy is drained or flowing, and how to balance and reset them.
William has also learnt from first hand experiences about psychic development, telepathy, thought manifestations, collective thought projection, psychometry, past life recalls and clearing emotional and early childhood traumas.
 He also has an in-depth knowledge of dowsing using pendulums and rods.
                                  Kel Corbyn
Psychic/Tarot readerKel is a highly intuitive clairvoyant and a caring empathetic tarot card reader who connects with spirit and  provides psychic counselling and spiritual motivation.
She will give you deep insight and clarity to your life and help unblock your mind and spirit.
She has a deep belief in the power of psychic readings to uplift and inspire us, and she aims to always leave her clients feeling positive and with a sense of empowerment in their lives, no matter what their circumstance.
                                                  ALL READINGS:
                                                  30 MINS - $45
                                 45 MINS - $65
                                 60 MINS - $85
                      BOOKINGS ON 02 4472 9020
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